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HOPSA Project launched

The new HOPSA project (“HOlistic Performance System Analysis”) is funded in the EU 7th framework programme for two years (2011/2012) and as part of a special EU-Russia call, it is also coordinated with a matching Russian project. The objective of this twin project is to create an integrated performance diagnosis infrastructure for a combined system and application tuning. The Russian partners are responsible for the first part, the European for the second. Based on a system-wide basic screening of the performance properties of individual jobs, an automated workflow will route findings on potential performance bottlenecks either to system administrators or application programmers together with recommendations on how to identify their root cause using more powerful diagnostic tools. For this, the European performance tools ThreadSpotter (RogueWave AB, formerly Acumem), Paraver (BSC), Vampir (TU Dresden) and Scalasca (JSC/GRS) will be more tightly integrated. On the Russian side, the HPC computing centres of Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of Science, T-Platforms, and the Southern Federal University in Taganrog are participating in the HOPSA project.

• Bernd Mohr
Jülich Supercomputing Centre

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