Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland
inSiDE • Vol. 11 No. 1 • Spring 2013
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Official Inauguration of the Supercomputer JUQUEEN at JSC

Interview with Dr. Claus-Axel Müller

PRACE: Results of the 4th Regular Call

Inauguration of the new HLRS research building

Happy Anniversary, Hermit!

SuperMUC boosts the largest molecular dynamics simulation by 4X in Number of Particles


Numerical simulation of mantle convection with a particle-in-cell method to include the effects of partial melting

Effects of an oblique roughness on hypersonic boundary-layer transition

Phase Separation in Colloidal Suspensions by Collective Growth of Domains

Structure and Dynamics at a Polymer-Solid Interface

Simulating the evolution of binary stars in stellar clusters

DNS of Gas Transfer at the Air-Water Interface

Dynamics and interaction of membrane-spanning protein helices in health and disease

Simulation of 3-D seismic wave propagation in a synthetic Earth


HD(CP)²: High Definition Clouds and Precipitation for Climate Prediction

How the ScalaLife project integrates software developers, computing centres and life science researchers

JUNIPER takes aim at Big Data

ECO2Clouds – Experimental Awareness of CO2 in Federated Could Sourcing

Model Based Cloud Application Development using PaaSage


Inauguration of HLRS CAVE


First JUQUEEN Porting and Tuning Workshop

HPC Changing Europe`s Industrial Landscape - 5th PRACE Industrial Seminar, Stuttgart

Workshop on Blue Gene Active Storage

International Workshop on Cooperative Quantum Dynamics and Its Control (CQDC2012)

NIC Workshop: Hybrid Particle-Continuum Methods in Computational Materials Physics

NVIDIA Application Lab at Jülich

Simulation Lab Neuroscience launched

12th HLRS/hww Workshop on Scalable Global Parallel File Systems

HLRS Scientific Tutorials and Workshop Report and Outlook

GCS - High Performance Computing Courses and Tutorials

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