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UNICORE Summit 2013

Figure 1: Participants of the UNICORE Summit 2013.
Figure 2: Keynote by Michel Drescher.

The UNICORE Summit is a unique opportunity for UNICORE [1] users, developers, administrators, researchers, service providers, and managers to meet. This year, it has been held as a satellite event at the ISC Conference in Leipzig on 18 June 2013. About 30 researchers from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Belarus, and the United States participated in the UNICORE Summit 2013 [2]. The goal of the UNICORE Summit is to exchange and share experiences, new ideas, and latest research results on all aspects of UNICORE. Since the first Summit in 2005, the organisers have received and reviewed a significant amount of distinguished contributions.

The event was opened with the keynote speech “Quo vadis EGI Clouds?” delivered by Michel Drescher, the EGI Technical Manager, who presented the EGI Federated Cloud Infrastructure. His talk was well-received by the attendees and initiated a lot of discussions about UNICORE integration with cloud infrastructures.

Recent developments in integration of applications from community projects, interoperability use cases, security aspects, virtualization techniques, performance evaluation, experiences from end users and administrators, data management, the UNICORE web portal as well as new ideas and concepts and related topics were highlighted in the following talks and demonstrations. Those selected and presented topics guaranteed lively discussions about the state-of-the art and the future of UNICORE, Grids, and distributed computing in general.

The slides to the presentations can be found on the web at Accepted contributions will be published in the IAS book series of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH.


[1] UNICORE Web Page: http://www.unicore.

[2] UNICORE Summit 2013 web page:

• Valentina Huber
• Daniel Mallmann
Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)

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