Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland
inSiDE • Vol. 11 No. 2 • Autumn 2013
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PRACE: Results of the 7th Regular Call

PRACE Projects meet in Varna

Interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Dr. h.c. Michael M. Resch


Simulating the Life Cycle of molecular Clouds

Gadget3: Numerical Simulation of Structure Formation in the Universe

Numerical Simulation of Correlated Electron Systems

Highly-resolved numerical Simulations of bed-load Transport in a turbulent open Channel Flow

How to fit the Local Universe into a Supercomputer?

A scalable hybrid DFT/PMM-MD Approach for accurately simulating Biomolecules on SuperMUC

Aircraft Wake Vortex Evolution during Approach and Landing



Revisiting Dynamic Scheduling Techniques for HPC Infrastructures: The Approach of the DreamCloud Project

SkaSim - Scalable HPC-Codes for molecular Simulation in the Chemical Industry

POLCA: Programming Large Scale Heterogeneous Infrastructures

A flexible Framework for Energy and Performance Analysis

SIMOPEK – Simulation and Optimization of Data Center

The Catwalk Project – A quick Development Path for Performance Models

GROMEX – Unified Long-range Electrostatics and Flexible Ionization

HOPSA – A big Jump forward in HPC System and Application Monitoring


End of the Hpc-Ff Era

JUROPA-3 - A Prototype for the Next-Generation HPC Cluster

First Experiences with the Intel MIC Architecture at LRZ

The Extension of SuperMUC: Phase 2


CECAM Tutorials at JSC

CHANGES Workshop

Laboratory Experiments on Crowd Dynamics

JSC Guest Student Programme on Scientific Computing 2013

High-Q Club – The highest scaling Codes on JUQUEEN

Jülich Supercomputing Centre contributes to visionary “Human Brain Project”

Traffic and Granular Flow Conference celebrates 10th Edition by returning to Jülich

UNICORE Summit 2013

3D Show at the Pharma Forum: Simulation and Visualization of the Airflow in Cleanrooms

The 17th HLRS-NEC Workshop on Sustained Simulation Performance

ls1 mardyn - a Massively Parallel Molecular Simulation Code

GCS at ISC’13 – Review

Extreme Scaling Workshop at LRZ

HLRS Scientific Tutorials and Workshop Report and Outlook

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